Warehouse Associate Job in Canada

A well-reputed packaging company “United Parcel Service” (UPS) offers job applications for the post of warehouse associate in Canada. The address of the United Parcel Service (UPS) is 2900 Steeles Ave W, Concord, Ontario. UPS Canada is an equal-opportunity employer and serves everyone equally. Let’s read the article carefully to understand job specifications.

Warehouse Associate Jobs in Canada
Warehouse Associate Job in Canada

Job Title

  • Warehouse Associate

Salary Package and Job Schedule

The United Parcel Service (UPS) offers a handsome salary package of $17.80 per hour. Almost 3-5 hours per day are required. It is a part-time job and also includes working days from Monday to Friday. Only night shifts are available for this job. Timing for the warehouse associate is from 11:45 PM to 4:45 AM. Moreover, the UPS also includes other benefits like dental care, paid training, free parking, and many more. Furthermore, after one year of service at UPS, employees may get some other benefits according to certain conditions.

Eligibility Criteria

The company does not demand any special education or experience for this post. However, interested candidates must be physically fit and healthy to lift some heavy weights related to the job. Also, he must be able to read and learn postal codes. Moreover, he can easily adjust himself to different working conditions. Those candidates who do not have any job experience can also apply for this job.

Core Responsibilities for Warehouse Associate

The core responsibilities of warehouse associate are as follows:

  • The candidate is able to lift weights up to 70 lbs or 35kg.
  • The candidate is able to load and offload delivery packages into the delivery vehicles.
  • The candidate has to perform duties according to company policies.
  • The candidate has to arrange and manage packages according to postal codes.
  • The candidate has to implement the company’s package handling method.

How to Apply

You can click on the following button to apply for this job.

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