Security Guard jobs in Canada

A well reputed company “Securitas Canada Ltd” invites candidates for the Security guard jobs in Canada. The company required vigilance candidates for security purpose to provide services to homes, community and workplaces. Securitas Canada Ltd is a famous company known by its high quality services to the clients. Moreover, the main work of the candidate is to observed and report about the situation of clients site, also maintain the client property safe. The job seeker have the quality to immediate respond to any incident such as fire incidents, medical emergency, bomb blast, short circuits, unsafe conditions or any security violation . Therefore, also keep check to unauthorized people on the site. Special duties are also given according to the situation.

However, the employed might not to provide all the duties listed above but must fulfills the duties assigned by the clients. Incase of any accident on the site, the security officer must response to the clients. The security officer make sure to check peoples regular and provide protection.

Job Tittle:

  • Security Guard

Salary Package:

Securitas Canada Ltd pay attractive salary package to security officers as compared to other companies. Salary package may be increase as a candidates shows excellence performance and fulfills the task on time. The company will also provide some basic facilities to the candidates according to Canadian employment Law. As the candidate having more experience in that field will be promoted and also increase in salary package.

Requirements/ Qualification:

The candidates interested to apply for security guard jobs in Canada must have minimum High School Degree from a reputed institution. The employ must be physically and mentally fit to get job. The candidate also having good communication skills to understand the needs of people and company need candidates that clearly hear, see and evaluate the problems.

Securitas Canada Ltd hire candidates which are attentive and notice thing that are not acceptable actually. We prefer physically fit candidates that and sit or stand for a long period of time and also climbing stairs. The employ must be applicable license for security officer.

How to Apply:

The candidates which fulfills the above eligibility criteria can apply for the position. Therefore, candidate can apply online through the official website of the company:

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